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Wasp Nest Removal Adelaide

Team Of Adelaide Experts For Wasp Nest Removal

When you hear a foreboding wasp buzz it means wasps have arrived and may have nests nearby. They can make you stay indoors, destroying your idyllic afternoon. If wasp nests are visible to you or you suspect a wasp nest somewhere on your property, you can take help from our experts to get rid of this problem. Every year in Adelaide, we remove 500+ wasp nests from homes and businesses making it easy for people to deal with a wasp infestation. Wasps and their nests can also be hazardous. You must use our Wasp Nest Removal Adelaide service. You don’t have to endure the summer(when they are seen more) with stinging wasps. We are here to assist you in taking back control of your property. We know everything to help folks get rid of wasps and resume enjoying the outdoors. Our Wasp Removal Adelaide experts can also help you with large wasp nest removal.

Wasp Nest Removal Adelaide

Which Areas Of Your Property Can Be Wasp’s Target For Nesting

Different species of wasps target different areas of your property for nesting. Here are some common wasp species found in Adelaide buildings and which areas they target for nesting:

  • Paper Wasps: Vespid wasps called paper wasps collect plant stem and dead wood fibres, mix them with saliva, and use the mixture to make nests that resemble grey or brown paper. Due to the unusual appearance of their nests, some varieties of paper wasps are also occasionally referred to as umbrella wasps. They form small colonies under tree branches and the eaves of houses.
  • Hornets: The largest eusocial wasp, hornets resemble their close relatives, the yellowjackets, in appearance. Some species have a maximum length of 5.5 cm. They form large colonies in tree canopies well above the ground, occasionally in sheltered areas in buildings but very rarely underground.
  • Mud Dauber Wasps: The term “mud dauber” is frequently used to refer to a variety of wasps from the families Sphecidae or Crabronidae who construct their nests out of the mud. They build nests in protected areas of houses, buildings and rock overhangs. The appearance of mud daubers varies and they come from many families.
  • Dark Wasps: The huge black wasp, or Sphex pensylvanicus, is a type of digger wasp. It reaches a maximum size of 20 to 35 mm. The females take paralysed insects to the underground nest where the larvae feed on them. They are famous for their underground nestings and sudden attack in groups.

Our Steps Of Wasp Nest Removal Adelaide Service

The process which our wasp removal Adelaide company follows is given below:

  • Nest Area Inspection: First of all we will inspect the area and look for the nest of wasps.
  • Wasp Removal: Then we will start removing wasps from the nest using an insecticide registered for the purpose.
  • Nest Removal: We will remove the nests after removing the wasps.

Take No Risk Of Wasp Stings: Call Adelaide Experts For Wasp Nest Removal

Once the wasp nest has been located, we will implement the safest treatment. Each member of our staff is highly qualified and has years of experience in safe wasp treatment and nest removal. You must not take such risks, call us for any kind of wasp nest removal service in Adelaide. If you notice wasps or wasp nests on your property, contact the experts at Pest Control Adelaide for immediate services.