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Mick’s Pest Control Adelaide‘s best possum removal company. Possums are little wild animals that are frequently found in houses. They are, however, aggressive and capable of inflicting damage to property; therefore, it is preferable to keep them at bay. You can also enlist the assistance of our experts possum removal Adelaide. We are available to remove possums from your property with our team of well-equipped and experienced possum pest control Adelaide professionals.

We have a well-trained team of Possum Removal Adelaide experts who can remove possums from your home or office. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority; hence we provide residential possum removal services. Pre-purchase possum removal, residential possum removal, and commercial possum removal are just a few of the services we provide. We’re merely a phone call away if you’ve lately discovered a concealed possum source and need a pest check.

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Removal Of Dead Possums

Possums are a rare species, therefore poisoning them is illegal, despite how much of a trouble they are to you. Yet, they can perish as a result of swallowing rabbit bait, colliding with or being attacked by a dog/cat, or being entangled in the ceiling or another portion.

The carcass may also be hidden behind a wall at times. In such cases, locating the corpse might be challenging. The first indicator is, of course, a nasty odour that could last up to two months as well as an influx of flies. You would need to hire our possum removal Adelaide experts to identify and remove the corpse while inflicting the least damage to your home.

Why Should You Choose Mick’s Pest Control Adelaide?

  1. Possum elimination personnel who are licensed and skilled.
  2. Possums were not hurt during removal.
  3. Possum protection to assure possums do not return.
  4. Coverage of all suburbs.

Same-day and Emergency Possum Removal Services in Adelaide

A competent approach for possum removal services is included in controlling this wildlife animal. In Adelaide, we provide benefits of Same-day Possum removal. We prepare and give a gentle evacuation of possums from your premises without hesitation. We have a team of Top Possum Catchers in Adelaide to remove them from your house. Call our Possum Removal Adelaide experts today and get rid of the problem within a given time.

Expert Possum Removal in Adelaide – Benefits of Hiring One

You may quickly get rid of possums by enlisting the help of experts. Our professionals show up on time and take care of everything else. We have experts who will remove a possum from your property using specific approaches. These procedures for removing alive or dead possums are both practical and safe. Possums may lie on the floor and act slow, making their removal extremely dangerous. As a result, hire Possum Removal Adelaide professionals and stay safe.

  • Possums can cause more property damage than you think. These creatures might harm your health for several reasons.
  • Possum possesses germs capable of causing ulcers.

Possum dropping might make it challenging.

The possum wants to reside on the tree in the neighbourhood or region. On the other hand, they will attempt to build a house on the roof while damaging the roof tiles. If they approach your home, they will try to consume the food, ripping ventilation and seeking shelter, leaving stains and dark odours.

Possums can be dangerous to your pets, and they can bring bugs and other vermin into your home daily.

Are you aware that killing possums is banned in Australia and that you’ll require a professional to remove them securely? Possums have razor-sharp teeth, so you can’t try to defend yourself or them while catching them. As a result, you can withdraw at any time. To ensure total safety, you should go for professional possum pest control.

What Method Is Most Effective For Possum Removal?

  • Examine the possum

Our possum catcher Adelaide will confirm a visit to your property after accepting your request and resolving any potential issues within the house and in the surrounding region. We’ll most likely differentiate between the degree of invasion, prospective risks, and potential hazards to provoke. We’ll have you inspect your property for the sort of possum. Brushtails and ringtails are two species that can be found in Adelaide.

  • Removal of Possums Strategy

Following the inspection, our Adelaide possum removal team will build a personalised plan for possum removal from your property on the same day as feasible. It incorporates the evacuation strategy, technology timing, and other governmental authority approvals, among other things.

  • Possum Relocation Process

Our trained possum removal specialists do not apply any pressure. We will safely relocate possums to their original habitat where they have no threat from humans.

Both Residential and Commercial Properties are Subject to Possum Removal

  • Possum Control in the Home

Possum infestations in homes are not uncommon. They can readily access your property through clever and crafty tactics. The main issue now is how to get rid of them. These pests could jeopardise the welfare and safety of people in a residential complex. Inanimate items, on the other hand, can be harmed by them. Book our Residential Pest Control Services Adelaide as soon as you see indicators of a possum infestation to ensure the easiest and most effective pest control campaign ever.

  • Commercial Possum Removal 

Possums can put your business’s health at risk in more ways than you would think. When you think of termites, ants, rats, and rodents wreaking havoc in your business, you immediately feel nervous. Our Commercial Pest Control Services in Adelaide aims to help you get rid of this unpleasant and unsettling appearance from your workplace. We believe in collaborating with you to keep your business safe from start to end. Reduce the danger of contamination as much as possible so that you and your team can work in a safe atmosphere. Mick’s Pest Control is committed to assisting you in reaching this objective.

Possum issues: Signs and Symptoms

  • Possums consume your garden’s fruits and leaves. Possum infestation is indicated by the absence of both leaves and fruits from plants and trees. They use wooden surfaces to sharpen their claws and teeth.
  • Possum excrement is similar to dog excrement. If you notice faeces in enclosed locations, it’s a sign that possums have taken up residence in your home.
  • Possums are most active at night and communicate by making irritating piercing sounds.
  • They emit a disagreeable odour just by being present. Possums have contaminated your space if you suddenly notice similar smells.
  • Possums have also been known to scratch walls and other surfaces with claws. Any unusual marks should prompt you to contact possum removal professionals right once.
  • When possums creep through your house at night, their eyes glow brightly. When looking for indicators of possums on your property, this is a simple mark to look for.

Possums Removal Adelaide – Why Choose Mick’s Pest Control Adelaide?

Mick’s Pest Control is a pest control company that handles Adelaide’s suburbs. To all residents, our organisation guarantees 100% customer pleasure. The following are some of the reasons why our professional possum removal Adelaide services should be considered:

  • As soon as you confirm your appointment, our technicians will arrive at your home.
  • Our customers can also rely on us for same-day and emergency services.
  • When removing the roaming possum from your property, we ensure that your children are protected.
  • For possum control, our possum control Adelaide professionals employ the most up-to-date gear and equipment.
  • To remove the possum from your property, our possum removal team has all of the necessary government certification and accreditation.

Possum Removal and Control in Adelaide since 20 years

The company Mick’s Pest Control is well-known. We’ve been known for our high-quality service, low prices, and tailored pest control solutions for more than 20 years. Possums are sometimes killed by dogs or become trapped in tight spaces, resulting in wounds from sharp things. Keeping the dead bodies at home for an extended period can be detrimental in such instances. We provide same-day dead possum removal and backyard possum removal services in Adelaide to assist people in difficult situations.

Available In Entire Adelaide for Possum Removal

If you’re tired of possums wreaking havoc on your property and are seeking a possum removal service in Adelaide, your quest is over. We also serve Adelaide’s nearest area:- Salisbury Plain,Piccadilly, Forest Range, and many more areas. Mick’s Pest Control is the most reputable and professionally qualified possum removal company. In and around Adelaide, we service the areas and people suffering because of possums.

What People Are Asking About Possum(FAQ’s)

It is not recommended to bring possums along as they are protected animals in Australia, and it is illegal to keep them as pets. You need special permission to catch them.

Possums can cause damage to roofs and ceilings as they may scratch, chew, or dig through the materials while they are searching for food or building their nests.

If a possum climbs onto your roof at night, it is best to leave it alone and not try to remove it. Possums are nocturnal and will usually leave on their own accord.

Possums are not known to attack humans, regardless of age. They are generally shy and will try to avoid contact with people.

Possums may construct their nests in wall cavities because they offer protection from predators and the elements, as well as being a warm and safe place to raise their young.

Possums are sensitive to strong smells such as ammonia, vinegar, and citrus, and may be deterred by these odours.

In South Australia, possums are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, and it is illegal to harm or relocate them without a permit from the Department for Environment and Water.

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