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Are You Looking For The Best Quality Moth Inspection And Treatment In Adelaide?  

If you are tired of trying home remedies and DIYs to avoid moths, here is the sign to hire a professional team. Pest Control Services Adelaide offers the best inspection and treatment services that help in identifying them. We easily provide the best moth control Adelaide services by utilising the best methods and techniques. Our team can provide Adelaide residents with the best services because of our years of expertise. We are capable of handling both cocoons and adult moths. Our specialists complete their duties effectively by utilising the most recent technology and the appropriate equipment.

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Here Are The Different Types Of Moth Species And The Signs Of Infestation! 

Do you have a problem with moths but are unsure of how to recognise them? You can benefit by closely inspecting the region. Moths leave behind certain traces that make it simple to locate them. Moths come in many types, including pantry moths, winter moths, cloth moths, codling moths, etc. Since there are several kinds of moths, each one will have a unique set of morphology. As a result, there will be differences among the indications that you need to pay attention to. Since they might be difficult to control once they spread in quantity, it is much easier to eradicate them in the early stages. You should keep an eye out for the warning indicators listed below:

  • Case-Making Clothes Moth: Clothes moths that build cases include the destructive pest moths that inflict damage on both residential and industrial clothing production lines. Your clothes may have dark stains that are signs of clothes moths. Particularly, you have these in your wardrobe. If they’re present, shedding marks on the furniture, clothing, cabinets, etc. are very typical. In these situations, you should get in touch with professionals right once for cloth moth control.
  • Pantry Moth: Pantry moths can be very detrimental to your groceries and other pantry items. You may have seen holes in the food’s wrapping, which is evidence that pantry moths are around. They mostly dwell in food pantries and stores and make the food stale and toxic to consume. Food products have been affected, including nuts, cereal, wheat, and grains. If you see these, you need to get pantry moth extermination services right away.
  • White Moth: Because they eat plant fibres like cellulose, white moths tend to damage goods composed of these materials. Those items made of plants and plant components could include apparel, carpets, and furniture. They are also there, hiding behind the leaves. 
  • Luna Moth: Luna moth that leads to spots on the leaves, and flutters around them. Before establishing a plant and actively feeding on it, the luna moth undergoes many moults. As a result, you should keep an eye on your plants if you have them and a garden filled with your plants. If you have many indoor or backyard plants, the chances of luna moth infestation are high. Take necessary precautions! 
  • Brown House Moths: These are a serious threat in commercial spaces. It is because of the destructive feeding habits of their larvae. They generally feed on foodstuffs and other household substances such as carpets, clothes, furniture fabrics, seeds, dry fruits, wood floor inlays, etc. To get rid of these, you need to get moth caterpillar control services. 
  • Mediterranean Flour Moth: It is a common moth that mainly affects cereal grains, especially flour. They are found to be around your cereal, flour, grain jars, etc. To avoid them, preserving the grains and flour in a closed container is the best option. If the infestation already persists,  you should contact experts to get rid of them. 

What Do Moths Do To Your Property? 

Certain moths like to stay indoors whereas some other types dwell outdoors. Different types of Moths have different types of characters, so the damage they cause also differs from one another. But one thing that’s common among all these is, they cause irreversible damage to your property. Be it in the form of food items, furniture or even financially. Beginning from the larva stage to adulthood, they can wreck property at every stage of life. The following are the effects of having moths on your property:

  • Having moths around can not only be a financial loss to commercial spaces but also endangers the brand image and reputation. 
  • Your expensive stuff is often at risk of damage.
  • The food items become stale and toxic upon exposure to moths. This way, the food becomes poisonous and is not suitable for consumption. 
  • Spoils the ambience of the property. 
  • Moth infestation and damages lead to financial and property loss. 

Steps Of Moth Control Treatment That Our Team Follows

Moth control Adelaide team follows a three-step procedure to get rid of the moths: 

  • Moth Inspection: To discover effective treatments, we examine to identify the origin and extent of the moth infestation. The majority of it entails going through the wardrobe, cupboards, and pantry. In the course of this procedure, we frequently look for larvae, eggs, or cocoons. If there is a need for moth caterpillar control treatment, inspection is crucial.
  • Specific Chemical Treatment: As each month type requires a special type of attention and treatment, it is necessary to treat them with specific chemical treatment. Therefore, our moth control Adelaide experts offer the services accordingly by customizing them. This includes the following:
    • Cloth Moth Extermination:  For cloth moths, we have cloth moth control services, where exterminators exclusively deal with them. 
    • Carpet Moth Extermination: We have carpet moth extermination services that are highly effective in treating and controlling carpet moths. 
    • Winter Moth Control: Both the adult and larval winter moths should be managed. Our professionals will eradicate them with our winter moth control services using the most recent techniques.
  • Preventive Tips: Apart from offering the services, our moth control in-house experts even offer certain advice on how to tackle their entry and prevent them from entering into the property. The following are the tips that helps you:
    • Regular inspection for the moth infestation signs and symptoms.
    • Preventing their entry into the property by blocking the entry points. 
    • Proper checking of the objects if brought from outside, especially the food grains, cereal, flour, etc
    • Sealing and covering the food items properly. 
    • Getting expert moth control services regularly. 

We Provide Our Moth Control Services Throughout Residential And Commercial Regions In Adelaide

Our moth control Adelaide company provides the services that produce the finest outcomes whether the property is commercial or residential. And the moth exterminator cost is very minimal. So, you don’t have to worry about the charges. With our team on the panel, you won’t need to look at several possibilities. Since everything is taken care of by us. We greatly simplify your task in this manner. Our workforce is prepared for any situation, whether it involves residential areas or commercial buildings like shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, etc. So get in touch with us straight now!

We Are Up For Emergency Moth Control In Adelaide, Be It For Home Or Carpet Moth Treatment! 

Our moth control Adelaide team is specially trained to offer moth control services for carpets. It’s because the most commonly seen issues are with carpets. After all, a wide variety of moth types affect the carpets in the first place. Further, we have the best pest control carpet moths exterminator on our team. In case you have emergencies or need our carpet moth extermination services on short notice, you can contact us right away! 

What Makes Us The Best In Adelaide?

If you are dealing with moths and facing issues because of them, don’t worry! We got you covered. Our moth control Adelaide team is going to be your best friend. Apart from the quality of the services, we are also famous for many other features. The following are the unique features that our company has: 

  • Our experts only use organic and certified moth control solutions.
  • All the moth pest control services we perform are under the supervision of qualified and competent experts.
  • Under certain circumstances, even though there is short notice, we still offer our services without any extra fee.  
  • By hiring our team, you can enjoy discounts up to $40, as you get our services at much cheaper prices. Also our moth pest control cost, in general, is very reasonably priced. 
  • On request, our team offers a follow-up treatment as well. 
  • Our company is a local one, maintained by the locals in Adelaide, hence we make sure our services are available across all the regions of Adelaide. 

Due to Our Widespread Presence, We Provide Services Even In The Suburbs!

Due to the size of our moth control Adelaide team, we can provide services not only in major cities but also in Adelaide’s suburbs. All suburbs in Adelaide, including East Adelaide, South Adelaide, Chermside West, Red Hill, etc., can use our moth control services. Our professionals may travel to suburbs in addition to the city centre. As a result, we can consistently provide our services throughout all the areas. costs.


How long will it take for your team to finish the treatment? 

Depending on the type and level of infestation, the duration might differ. It also depends on the size and type of your property like commercial or residential. 

Is there anything that you expect us to do before the treatment? 

We do not expect our clients to do anything for us apart from making an appointment. All you need to do is relieve yourself while our team does the job for you. 

Are your expert moth control services expensive?

Not! Our services are even available at discounted prices. Therefore, our services are quite affordable. 

Do you deal with carpet moths?

Our team is specially designed to perform carpet moth extermination services. 

Is it important to book an appointment in advance? 

You must schedule an appointment in advance if you want our services without any delays. So without further giving too much away, get in touch with us for prompt services!