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Are pests causing disturbance to your daily routines? Firstly, you must be still figuring out your dilemma. Whether to choose a professional pest control or do it on your own. Well, obviously pests are a difficult situation. Furthermore, they are capable of breeding faster than us. And in no time your house will be a pest filled home. Thus, to prevent this unfortunate situation. Micks Pest Control brings in the best quality pest control services in Australia. Also, earning our customers trust all these years wasn’t easy. But, it is always worth it.

Therefore, trust us with our services and enjoy a pest free home today.

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    Pest Control Tricks and Tips

    You can always prevent an unfortunate situation. Thus, go through our list of tips and tricks to keep pests away from your premises!

    • Keep handy repellents – Choose pest control repellents wisely. Glance through the chemicals and make sure they are friendly to your kids and pets.
    • Clean up your home – Do a ritual cleaning every week. Get rid of things that attract pests like garbage, stagnant water and lots of dusty storage. Especially your bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Take care of your garden – Firstly, use pesticides regularly. Also, use no contaminated soil.
    • Fill in cracks and holes – Also, this is where these pests build their nests. Fix nets, holes and cracks in your homes.

    What attracts our customers to choose us?

    • Promising quality – Our quality of services is our strength. Hence, we have always tried to maintain our standard of our services.
    • Innovative solutions to pests – Moreover, we have the best solution to any pest problem at your home or office.
    • Emergency services – Also, we offer emergency services to our customers. So that they are not alone in extreme situations.
    • Understanding staff – Our staff respects our clients. They will listen to your concerns and act accordingly.
    • Cheap pest control – Furthermore, the services we provide are at a cheap price. Therefore, stop waiting and start calling to book your next appointment!

    Enjoy our quality services we offer in Mawson Lakes

    Mosquito Pest Control

    Mosquitoes are nosy and irritating insects. They create a disturbing environment. Also, their breeding rate is the fastest. Hence, it becomes important to put a stop to them as soon as possible.

    Wasp pest control

    Wasps are orangy insects. They are mostly in groups. Moreover, they build nests in cracks and holes. It is hard to get rid of them on your own.

    Woodworm treatments

    These worms are usually found near your furniture. They are capable of eating all your timber in no time. These larvae are not a pleasant situation. Thus, book an effective solution for them with us.

    Fly pest control

    Tiny flies buzzing around your home and contaminating all your surroundings? They are responsible for diarrhea and dysentery. Keep your kids’ health in check.

    Cockroach removal

    Cockroaches are a very common pest. Mostly found in kitchens feeding on your food. They leave behind their droppings everywhere. Therefore, it can be harmful if not treated on time.

    Spider removal

    Spiders attack all your storage areas. They mess up the attics. Some spiders are poisonous and they can bite you causing concerning health conditions.

    Tick extermination

    One way to find tick infestation is to observe your pets behaviour. Is it too scratchy these days? Then probably you should call in an inspection team.

    Moth pest control

    Book an affordable moth pest control with our team today!

    Bee pest control

    Have you spotted a beehive in your garden? Well it’s time to call in a pest control to get rid of it safely. As they are capable of attacking your house anytime.

    Rodent control

    Likewise, another common pests are rodents. They spread diseases. Also, cause a lot of damage to clothes, shoes , furniture and much more.

    Flea control

    Hire our professionals to get the best flea control Services in Mawson Lakes.

    Silverfish control

    Tired of noticing silverfish in your cupboards? Call our team to put an end to them.

    Domestic pest control

    Therefore, you don’t need to look out for the best pest control services in your area anymore! We got your back on this.

    Restaurant pest control

    Restaurants require high maintenance to keep away pests. Therefore, use our help to maintain a clean premise.

    Hire out the most popular Pest Control Service in Mawson Lakes!

    Micks Pest Control has been dealing with pests for 20 years. Therefore, this experience can’t go wrong. We have been getting positive reviews about our services. Our top notch solutions will provide you with a pest free home. On top of that, it is super affordable. So don’t waste time and hire our team by calling on 08 7100 9071 today !


    Cleanliness is the first step to a no pest home. And also do regular pest control at homes, gardens and offices.

    Call our customer care to book an end of lease pest control today. Our team can come over as soon as you want.

    Yes, we have a solution for every pest you have at your home.