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Save your place against nasty creatures today with our professional pest control treatments. Whenever you search for pest control services in Glenelg north, Micks Pest Control is the BEST! Moreover, our Pest Control Glenelg north services have the potential to remove pests of all sizes. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the permanent elimination of pests and timely service. Besides, we use both non- chemical and chemical ways of treating pests depending on the customer’s requirement. Book your appointment today at 08 7100 9071.

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    Pest Control Services We Provide

    Flea Control

    If you find fleas inside your property, your first move must be calling us for effective flea treatment. Furthermore, our exterminators can treat fleas by using environment- friendly products.

    Silverfish Control

    We have experienced silverfish controllers in Glenelg north. Trust our pest controllers and hire us today. Furthermore, we provide silverfish removals at fair prices.

    Domestic Pest Control

    We are one spot company for the removal of domestic pests. Moreover, our highly skilled pest controllers will perform a thorough inspection before starting with the service.

    Restaurant Pest Control

    Our pest controllers deliver restaurant pest control service to save your goodwill, bottom line, and food. So, schedule a free pest control consultation today!

    Cockroach Removal

    Having cockroaches inside your cabinets? Our cockroach removal team in Glenelg north can help. We have years of experience in handling cockroaches in your city.

    Spider Removal

    We can help you with spider removal treatments in Glenelg north. So, if you are having spider webs in or around your property, do hire us out.

    Mosquito Pest Control

    Our pest control technicians will walk through your home to inspect mosquito breedings. Later, conduct a suitable mosquito removal treatment at affordable prices.

    Wasp Pest Control

    We are a leading wasps remover company in Glenelg north. We have the latest techniques and wasp eliminating equipment. So, feel free to choose us for wasp pest treatments.

    Woodworm Treatments

    If you are in need of woodworm treatments in Glenelg north, we can help. You can schedule your same-day appointment with us at our toll free number.

    Fly Pest Control

    Most of the fly species take no time in multiplying. In case, you are noticing a few flies at your place, do book us for timely fly pest control. We run 24/7 fly pest control in Glenelg north.

    Tick Extermination

    You can appoint us for a seasonal tick removal service in Glenelg north. Contact us for a free estimate for tick extermination service today!

    Moth Pest Control

    Moth removals can be detrimental to your place. Fortunately, we offer a complete moth pest control treatment in Glenelg north. So, book us for your pocket-friendly moth treatment today!

    Bee Pest Control

    Our company offers local experts in bee pest control services. Moreover, our Glenelg north staff is familiar with a variety of bee species. So, you can trust us with all your bee- related issues.

    Rodent Control

    Our company also runs a special rodent control service in Glenelg north. If you are wanting to get rodent inspection and control done, do reach us out today!

    Pest Control Glenelg north Process

    • Inspection and Assessment: Before starting with any pest management treatment, we perform a complete inspection of your place. Basically, in this process, we identify and confirm the availability and kind of pests.
    • Treatment Application: Depending on the infestation, our controllers apply suitable pesticides and insecticides. However, if the location is big, we suggest a larger pest control plan.
    • Completion: After finishing the treatment, we finish off the documentation and perform a re- inspection of the place. Later, clear all the mess and leave.

    Affordable Pest Control Glenelg north

    Don’t spend a lot on pest treatments. Our company provides various affordable plans for pest treatments in Glenelg north. Call us on our toll free number and get an estimate for your pest control today! Not only do we offer money-saving pest control but also our services are environment- friendly. Many pest control providers in Glenelg north charge a heavy amount and provide unsatisfactory services. Whereas, we provide upfront and fair Pest Control Glenelg north services.

    • Specialized Staff: We have experienced pest controllers in Glenelg north. Moreover, our pest controllers have licenses and work ethically.
    • 24/7 Service: We offer 24 by 7 working hours for our Glenelg north clients. Hence, you are free to book us on weekdays and weekends.
    • Convenience: All of our pest control treatments are accessible at convenient rates. Additionally, we offer efficient, friendly and value for money pest control service.
    • Local Pest Control: We have a special team of local pest controllers in Glenelg north. Therefore, our customers always receive on time services.
    • Environment- Friendly: We make use of environment- saving techniques as much as possible. Moreover, you can trust us for impressive results.


    In case your couch is dry and free from chemical smell, you can. Otherwise, avoid sitting on the pest treated couch until it dries off thoroughly. You may also try putting a towel on it where you want to rest.

    Our company provides all types of pest control services in Glenelg north. You name a pest/ insect and we can remove it. However, some common pest control we do are- rodents, ticks, silverfish, fleas, termites and cockroaches, etc.

    If a few rats are eating your garden stuff, do hire a professional rat exterminator. Rats are furious beings and are too hard to catch by yourself. Therefore, only a special rodent control service will help.